Photography Page
Reinhard Ilk

(minimum resolution: 800 x 600 - best resolution: 1024 x 768)

This page directs you to my conventional photo galleries. I work with 2 systems which I use for different purposes:

Minolta MD system for high quality shots with fixed focus lenses:
Bodies: SRT 303 and X-300
Lenses: MD 28/2.8, MD 35/2.8, MC 50/1.4, MD 135/2.8 MD 200/4.0 and Sigma 400/5.6

Canon EF system for fast work with zoom lenses:
Bodies: EOS 30, EOS 350D(a)
Lenses: EF 28-70/3.5-4.5(II), EF 70-210/3.5-4.5 and Tamron 28-75/2.8

In addition I collected a few fine fixed focus lenses for high definition pictures:
EF 20/2.8, EF 35/2.0, EF 50/1.4, EF 100/2.0 and EF 200/2.8 L (II)

The galleries are not thumbnailed, so please spend a little patience for loading. I hope the images are worth the time. The number of images in each gallery is displayed beneath the gallery's name. Each picture is about 15 to 60 kbytes. Enjoy!

Gallery 1:


Buildings, skylines, perspectives ...
Last update: Dec. 08th, 99

Gallery 2:


Both sacred and secular.
Last update: Mar. 10th, 00

Gallery 3:

Arts - low key

Low key style arts photography.
Last update: Mar. 20th, 00

Gallery 4:


B&W portraits.
Last update: Dec. 08th, 99

Gallery 5:


Some of the finest shots from my photography trips.
Last update: Dec. 08th, 99

Gallery 6:


Technical facilities and detais.
Last update: Dec. 08th, 99

Gallery 7:

Vienna at Night

A walk through Vienna at night.
Last update: Aug. 19th, 00

Gallery 8:


Fine photos beyond the categories.
Last update: Mar. 4th, 00

The copyrights for all of my pictures and articles are reserved. In case you'd like to use one of my pictures for more than for private use, please send me an e-mail and ask for permission. Thank you.