Outer Corona
4-Picture Composite

(minimum resolution: 800 x 600 - best resolution: 1024 x 768)

The contrast between the brightest parts of the chromosphere and the faint outer corona is more than 5 powers of ten. No media, may it be analogue or digital is capable of capturing such an extreme contrast. Therefore several pictures taken at various exposure times must be stacked in order to show the bright prominences (upper left) and the outer corona filaments in the very same picture.

The Corona is a typical minimum-corona, which means that the rays are bright and detailed along the solar equator plaine and fainter at the poles. A typical maximum-corona has a more radial symmetry just like the 1999 eclipse.

1024x768 Wallpaper

Please keep in mind that astrophotography is a hobby that demands a lot of money and even more time and effort. So I have to state that the copyrights for all of these pictures are reserved. In case you'd like to use our pictures for more that just watching them, please send me an e-mail-message and ask for permission.
Thank you.

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