Another Pair of Autumn Galaxies: The Cetus Duplet
Messier Catalog: M 77, New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars: NGC 1055
Constellation: Cetus - The Whale

This pair of faint galaxies in the autumn/winter constellation Cetus might require more exposure time than just the 90 minutes before the field of view was covered by the trees on Hohe Wand, where this picture was taken. Nevertheless I decided to post a rather grainy preview of what might become a satisfying picture with an exposure time of around 3 hours.

M 77 to the lower left is some 40 million light years away and was discovered by Charles Messier. The other galaxy, NGC 1055 is only apparently adjacent to M 77. The distance is around 70 million light years. Mind the dust band resemblig the sombrero galaxy, M 104 in Virgo.

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