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An Unusual Sunspot #3:
Mercury Transit 2016

(Re-worked: 2024-06-13)

Sun Observations:
Sunspots, Airplanes, and a Partial Eclipse of the Sun

(Updated: 2024-05-09)

Ancient Remnants:
Pictures of Globular Star Clusters

(Updated: 2024-03-06)

High Contrast B&W Images:
Ionized Interstellar Gas

(Updated: 2023-11-15)

Our Neighbour in Space:
Various Lunar Pictures

(Added: 2023-08-20)

Distant Islands of Stars:
Deep Sky Images of Galaxies and Galaxy Groups

(Updated: 2023-04-25)

Cosmic Wanderers:
Comets Travelling our Solar System

(Updated: 2023-02-12)

Stars with Stuff Around:
Planetaries, Gas Nebuae,...

(Updated: 2022-12-08)

Rich Star Clusters and Colourful Nebulosities
in the Winter Sky:

Winter Milky Way Objects

(Updated: 2022-03-07)

Beautiful Star Cradles:
Open Star Cluster Pictures

(Updated: 2022-02-28)

Close-Ups of Summer's Galactic Nebulae:
Summer Milky Way Objects

(Updated: 2021-07-07)

2020 Planet Parade:
Venus, Jupiter, and Mars

(Updated: 2020-10-26)

A Marginal Eclipse:
The Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2013

(Added: 2014-08-14)

The Fading of a "New Star":
Nova Delphini 2013

(Added: 2014-03-05)

The Black Sun #2:
The Solar Eclipse 2006 Page

Interstellar Gas and one Comet:
Pretty Pictures Winter 2004-05

Another Deep-Sky Gallery:
Pretty Pictures 1998

An Unusual Sunspot:
Venus Transit 2004

Two Giants:
[Jupiter and Saturn in April 2004]

Casting Shadow on the Moon:
[Lunar Eclipse 2003 Movie]
(under construction)

Dawning of a Solar Eclipse:
[Solar Eclipse 2003 Page]

The Red Moon:
[Lunar Eclipse 2001 Page]

The Black Sun:
[Solar Eclipse 1999 Page]

Reinhard's Classics:
[Astro-Gallery 1984-1998]

(under construction)

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Hello and welcome to my world of the night skies' splendors. On a dark evening at a holiday location at the sea some of us may have a look at the stars above, saying "Oh, what a sky, this is something we never have at home!" But indeed we do have a sky like this, it's just we don't care! We don't take the time for going out of the city just a few dozens of kilometers, for if we did, we'd see a universe, the scale of which we hadn't been aware of for much too long. Most of the pictures you can see here were taken at a location not far away from suburban city lights (30 to 80 km from the city of Vienna, Austria). And some of them were made with common telephotolenses, not too expensive and sophisticated equipment.

The pictures shall illustrate both vanity and eternity in our universe. Dying stars and their remnants, from which the cradles of a new generation of stars form, on the one hand. Clusters of galaxies, which may have persisted in their structure since the ignition of first starlight, on the other. I tried to lay down some details to most of these objects in a few explanatory remarks which you can read after clicking at the thumbnails. In addition, you will be able to watch the objects at maximum resolution after clicking at the images.

As you might wish to visit other websites designed more professionally, you can find some links to pages of other astrophotography amateurs below. Mine won't improve soon, because ... sorry, I have to finish ... the clouds break up, and I have to hurry shuffling my scope into my car. Sorry, but I have to leave you alone with my pictures now. Enjoy. Maybe we'll meet each other out there on the hills?

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Please keep in mind that astrophotography is a hobby that demands a lot of money and even more time and effort. So I have to state that the copyrights for all of my pictures are reserved. In case you'd like to use my pictures for more than just watching them, please send me an e-mail and ask for permission. Thank you.