Reinhard's Astronomy Links

If you should have noticed that some of these links have changed or if you would like to have added recommendable sites to this non-representative list, please send me an e-mail message.

Space News:

Universe Today. Regularly updated news site
NASA - Astronomy Picture of the Day
"Sky and Telescope" magazine. Free articles.

Sites of Other Amateurs:

Filipe Alves (temporarily down)
Matt BenDaniel
John Boudreau
Noel Carboni
Chris Cook
Russ Dickman
Ivan Eder
Roland Ferth (temporarily closed)
Robert Gendler
Stephen Girimont
John Gleason
Robert Häberle (in German)
Dietmar Hager
Tony Hallas
Gerald Hitz
Michal Kaluzny (in Polish)
Yuuji Kitahara
Dave Kodama
Walter Koprolin
Thomas Langthaler
Thierry Legault
Jerry Lodriguss
Steve Mazlin
Axel Mellinger
Bobby Middleton
Joseph O'Neil
Kunihiko Okano
Philip Perkins
Michael Posavec
Michael Richmann
Philipp Salzgeber
Gerard Therin (in French)
Chuck Vaughn
Chris Vedeler

Sites of Organizations (amateur + professional):

Astronomical Society of New South Wales (AUS)
Astronomische Gesellschaft (FRG)
Astronomisches Büro Wien (AUT)
Canberra Astronomical Society (AUS)
Linzer Astronomische Gemeinschaft (AUT)
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (USA)
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (CAN)
Vereinigung der Sternfreunde e.V. (FRG)

Special concern:

International Dark-Sky Association
A strong light pollution awareness video

Sites of Observatories (amateur + professional):

Anglo-Australian Telescope (AUS)
Sternwarte Hochbärneck (AUT)
Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (ESP)
Kuffner Sternwarte (AUT)
Misti Mountain Observatory (USA)
Mount Wilson observatory (USA)
Sternwarte Gahberg (AUT)

Famous Persons:

In memory to Robert Burnham jr.

Astronomy Basics and Libraries:

Introduction into astronomy for kids and those still young enough to enjoy learning new things...
Safe Stars: An astronomy resource guide and educational review
A remarkable astronomy page for children addressing specific questions in detail - without overly simplifying the matter! Quite a few annoying pop-ups...
A collection of articles addressing questions from kids interested in astronomy. Unfortunately quite a few broken links.
Useful introduction for astronomy novices
Astronomy resources by Lowell Bradford with plenty of references to professional context
An introduction to astronomy by Bill Herren with special references for kids and educational context
Collection of mostly professional astro-imaging resources
A 1.01 guide into astronomy with plenty of useful links to other related pages

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