Reinhard Ilk's Astrophotography Equipment

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I am into amateur astronomy since 1982. First I observed with an equatorially mounted 114/900mm newtonian telescope. Astrophotos were taken with a piggyback-mounted Minolta SRT 303 with an 28mm, 50mm and 135mm lens.

In 1995 I upgraded to a Celestron 8, mounted on a Vixen GP-DX. I took piggyback photos again with my old lenses, including two fine telephoto lenses, a Minolta 200mm/4.0 and a Sigma 400mm/5.6, which I could easily guide with my improved mount. In addition, I made my first attempts in focal photography.

In 2005 I replaced my C8 by an 8" Meade telescope with mirror lock.

In December 2005, just 3 months before the total eclipse of the sun in Turkey I bought a small Sky Watcher refractor with 80 mm aperture and 600 mm focal length.

If you are interested in the details, click on one of the pictures below.

My First Scope

My first 4-1/2" newtonian
telescope with my
camera installed.

My 8" Meade SCT

My Meade 8" Schmidt Cassegrain
telescope mounted on the
Vixen GP-DX on an aluminum tripod.

My 80/600mm Skywatcher

This is my third scope
which I purchased for
travelling purposes.

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