The Iris Nebula
New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars: NGC 7023
Constellation: Cepheus

The nebula resembling an Iris flower is a reflection nebula in the very northern part of the summer sky. In contrast to the ring nebula, here we may have a look at the very early stages of a star's life. The extensive molecular clouds are lit by a young, massive blue central star creating this bizarre pattern of blue filaments and brownish dust lanes. Mind the faint clouds streching to the bottom of the picture and the one to the far right!

I had good luck in collecting all these faint details of this object throughout an entire August night, despite some technical issues with dew on my guide scope and awkward hick-ups of the mount I use for guiding the scope. This became another all-time high regarding exposure time with a total of nearly 4 hours!

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