The Rosette Nebula
New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars: NGC 2237-39/46, NGC 2244
Constellation: Monoceros - The Unicorn

This is another example of a cradle of star formation in the winter milky way. The most remarkable features in this nebula excited by the embedded cluster NGC 2244 are the dark lanes running through the upper right of the object, which are the so-called globules. Compared to the red-glowing ionized emission nebula in which they are embedded, globules are relatively cool and dense molecular clouds in which star formation occurs.

I had plans for years to capture this specific object, but the window in which it may be easily imaged (Jan.-Feb.) does not contain too many nights with favourable weather conditions in Central Europe. But in late Febraury 2014 there were a couple of clear nights which fortunately fell within a week of well deserved vacation...

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