The Large Hydrogen Nebola in Cepheus
Index Catalogue: IC 1396
Constellation: Cepheus

This is the "Second Light" with this setup that I introduced before. One week after the first attempt with my new astrocamera I decided to take the chance of the last dark night in August to make a picture of extensive nebulosities in Cepheus which I imaged with my old Canon EOS 350a back in 2008. Isn't it impressive how much detail and contrast we see in the dark patterns embedded in the nebula? In these "globules" consisting of dense and cool molecular gas star formation is hypothesized to be triggered by the hot plasma around it.

This time I had the equipment parameters set to optimal signal-to-noise ratio. The exposure time was 3 hours, one hour more than the image of NGC 7000. The picture will link to screen presentation, full resolution can be downloaded here.

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